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smuttypeaches:tigerliliesandcherryblossoms asked : how about either fili/sigrid dancing everyone lives AU or kili/bofur playing lively violin & pipe at a party also everyone lives AU It was almost as soon as supper was finished did Sigrid see the Prince of Erebor approaching the dais, chin high and walk assured, a play of a smile on his face. He swept into a bow, low and fluid, almost in a flourish. “May I ask for the first dance, my lady Sigrid?” Sigrid found her cheeks heating up when he…

I just want to show you who visited my studio today…may I present to you my Ioli’s mother, Elise. (Loli is shown many pins away; in one, jumping over a fence and in one near that, licking a paw in the middle of a road.) We have siblings in our own pack; it is amazing how much they do look like each other.

Hi everyone, my name is May! I'm a silly girl! I love to run, chase and play with my siblings Misty, Trixie, Dixie, Willy and Harvey. We're all up for adoption and looking for homes where we'll be loved for life. I am friendly, funny and playful. Crinkly toys that make noise are my most favorite! I will pounce on them, carry them around and toss them for myself - I provide hours of entertainment I tell you. When I'm not playing, I am snuggling with my people and getting petted and spoiled…

Pregnancy Announcement. / Second Baby Pregnancy Announcement. / Big Sister. / Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement. / Older Sibling.

Shoe detail from Sister by Sibling SS14. http://www.dazeddigital.com/fashion/article/17162/1/sister-by-sibling-ss14

yup. don't mess with the youngest one because the oldest or older ones will take you out

Wouldn't this be the cutest shirt for LG. I could switch the butterfly to a bumble bee. We will see for the little ? in my belly lol.

I'm sorry for all of the stress my siblings may have caused you. Happy Mother's Day by CheekyChachi on Etsy

Okay. Let us get this straight first and foremost. This is NOT a slash/incest/ whatever else video as the song may or may not imply. It is a brother/brother/sister video, nothing more, nothing less. And really, the only reason Susan isn't in here.... is because I no like her. ENJOY! Trading Yesterday; May I The Chronicles of Narnia Pete...

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