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BREAKING: Star CBS News Reporter Quits Over ‘Liberal Bias’. Do you believe there is a liberal bias in mainstream media?

Uncovered White House Documents Show the Obama Administration Targeted CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson - Eagle Rising

Republicans strike back at Harry Reid for calling ObamaCare victims liars.

The effects of Obamacare have been felt across America. Harry Reid wants you to think the horror stories are all "untrue".

SHOCK: Barack Obama and John Kerry Are Undermining Israeli Security; Championing Hamas - [SEE HERE]

Krauthammer: John Kerry is Acting Like Hamas Terrorists’ Lawyer [WATCH]

Missouri Governor to Sacrifice White Cop to Appease Ferguson’s Blacks

Liberal Missouri governor is about to sacrifice white cop Darren Wilson to appease Ferguson's blacks.

HILARIOUS: Colbert Explains Connection Between Liberals and Vampires - [WATCH HERE]

Colbert Explains Connection Between Liberals and Vampires

What Happens When These Residents Are Asked To Relocate Illegal Minors To Their Liberal City

Dan Joseph of CNS News went to the streets of Alexandria, VA to ask people to sign a petition to relocate illegal minors to their liberal city.

Anti-gay activist Ben Carson has said that supporters of gay rights and abortion rights are using “hate speech” to stop the U.S. from coming together

Ben Carson cracks joke about police brutality at campaign event.

6 places to swim with Dolphins: Need to remember this when planning for future vacation.

6 places to swim with dolphins

Sea World. Orlando, Florida: swam with the dolphins, which was amazing! Discovery Cove is an oasis of calm in the midst of the other crowded theme parks.

59 Awesome FREE things to do to Feel Amazingly Alive | The Freedom Experiment

59 Awesome FREE things to do to Feel Amazingly Alive

50 Awesome FREE things to do to Feel Amazingly Alive via The Freedom Experiment.a lot of really good ideas here.

The Mangus Colorado Daily

July 10 - Lois Lerner Email: Congress Searches, ‘So We Need to be Cautious About What We Say in Emails’

President Obama gets serious on climate change  With new greenhouse gas emissions regulations, the U.S. is finally a world leader on this important topic

President Obama gets serious on climate change

Chris Hedges: The Last Gasp of Climate Change Liberals - Chris Hedges - Truthdig

We must ask our liberal friends how much land they would cede to Hamas for the sake of peace if they were firing rockets onto our cities?

The "I'm a Jew" and "I'm a Gazan" picture perfectly illustrates the Middle East situation - Young Conservatives

SHOCK: Guess What Has Liberals So Outraged It's Making Then "Looney" - [SEE HERE]

No kids’ show today would ever treat firearms or gun deaths so lightly, with such zany exuberance, as Looney Tunes once did.

SAD: 36 People Shot This Weekend In Chicago; Here’s Who Liberals Blame

Fox News Chicago reports that 7 people have been killed and at least 29 wounded in shootings in Chicago this weekend. Liberals blame guns, not the shooters.