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She's a satirist mocking how the liberals think. She's a hoot and right on about them!

When the government doesn’t care about its own problems…

"There is suffering everywhere ..lets not forget what we can do at home as well." Let's lift up prayers for all who are suffering and ask God to show us what actions we can take to help.

I shouldn't laugh... it really isn't funny. Don't forget all those liberal adjectives that they love to throw out, especially racist...they love that one!

@Curt Golden on

Yes, the magical belief that when you simply pass MORE LAWS, the criminals will instantly fear the laws, and stop being criminals. Has NEVER worked in real life, and Obama, and every other moron saying it, knows this to be true.

sad! Both power hungry, evil, pragatists! Which one led the other to that mindset or do you believe in likeminded freaks.just finding each other and bolstering each others evil side?! And I instinctively do not trust the offspring ofhis union either!