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Odinn with Ravens (Huginn/Muninn)

Norse god Odin the Wanderer, with his ravens Huginn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory)

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Image result for vikings

I do not own this picture and I do not take credit for it.

For my future son, Odin Redman :)

"Loki" Jan Bintakies

To The Breaker Of Worlds by Elizabeth Vongvisith Artwork by Jan Bintakies. Lovely poetry here.


Death Picture by Jose Vega JoseVega

#mythology #norse #odin

Odin (Advanced) created for the game Legend of the Cryptids. Odin battling the giant wolf Fenrir, who according to myth kills Odin only to be revenged by one of Odin's sons.


This is the last figure I´ve made for Nocturna Models.

Odin the Wayfarer

Odin - with Huginn and Muninn - the Grey Wanderer greetings card - Greetings Card

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Morgan Le Fey by *MeredithDillman on deviantART

Morgan Le Fey limited edition print mythological art by Meredith Dillman

Very warrior-goddess-like! Freya, goddess for September 2013 at the Soul Path Tribe.

Goddess of War, Sex & Love

The Witch of Endor 24x36 Giclee

Chrome lithograph of The Witch of Endor by Charles Brochart from

Freya's cats on break, ready to pull her chariot at a moment's notice

The Norse Goddess Freya with her Skogcats

IX. The Hermit: Lo Scarabeo Tarot

The Hermit: Lo Scarabeo Tarot beautiful art

Amourshipping till the day we meet again and beyond!