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Subsistence living in Ohio with Backwoods Homestead.

dragon breath

its a shotgun shell that shoots flame. and some genius felt it need a safety warning. well done sherlock.

8 Things Emotionally Stable People Don’t Do

8 Things Emotionally Stable People Don’t Do (Marc and Angel Hack Life)

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Deer Hunting Tips- How to Cut Venison and Process Deer. This illustrated deer meat guide shows the different cuts of venison harvested from a deer, and helps the DIY processor get a basic understanding. Hunting Tips and Gear, Survival Prepping Skills at

cooking and fishing directions.

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"How to Filet a Fish" This is an EXCELLENT and easy to learn skill! My mom used to fry fish whole, and this often left them RAW in the thickest parts---YUCK! How to filet a fish.

Pheasants & GWP https://www.facebook.com/The.Hunting.Experience

Pheasants & GWP https://www.facebook.com/The.Hunting.Experience

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A free high-resolution photo of boy, man and sitting by Ermin Celikovic, taken with an Nikon NIKON

The ketogenic diet can be a very effective way to lose weight. Since you’re not giving your body carbohydrates to use as energy, it starts using the fat stores. Most people who follow the diet find that they lose weight at a consistent pace while still feeling satisfied and full.  However, there are times when it just doesn’t seem to be working. If you’re not losing weight while following the plan, you may be making a few mistakes. | https://dietingwell.com/ketogenic-diet-mistakes/

How to Avoid Common Ketogenic Diet Mistakes

If you’re not losing weight on a ketogenic diet, you may be making a few mistakes. Here are 11 common ketogenic diet mistakes.

Ain't that the truth!

the world needs more people holding deer in pictures and less people holding cameras in front of bathroom mirrors. Redneck, deer hunting quotes pictures So true