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Princess Serenity in Sailor Moon Crystal, holding the Silver Crystal...she's just so beautiful!♥

Sailor Moon Challenge Day 3 Favorite Character recently: Small Lady I can't help but grow fondness for her. At first I hated her cause she was so rude & annoying but after the series processed she started maturing and I couldn't help but like her she's grown so much & she's actually not that bad lol. I can't help but hold a kinship with chibiusa I was sad when she was bullied by other kids and her loneliness. I was bullied in middle school & I suffer from loneliness too so I understand her…

Hand painted sailor moon vinyl record wall art. DEAD ON DESIGNS specializes in HAND-PAINTED vinyl records. Each record is painted by hand after the order is received, and only acrylic paint is used in the production of each piece. Each painting and actor portrayal are produced on genuine, polyvinyl discs and left to dry completely before mailing. As these records are authentic and hold music for entertainment purposes, the records are not meant to be placed into a record player for sound…

Handmade blush wedding dress with Sailor Moon themed embroidery and Cutie Moon rod http://www.defectivegeeks.com/2014/12/18/sailormoonwedding/

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