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Because it's dark A LOT now -and if you run in Atlanta, you know to steer clear of the broken up sidewalks, so you're in the street...Road Runner Sports R Gear Night Watch Tight

My treadmill. SO true. And if you're new to running, know first and foremost that there's a HUGE difference in running on a treadmill and running on roads or trails.

21 Secrets Runners Won't Tell You

We’re all pooping wrong. Your poop is about water. NBC And the other is solid matter, like dead bacteria, indigestible food, fats, and protein, among other things. mo_vlogs_ / Via ins…

Strength Training Workouts for Runners

Instead of dumbbell squats, I suggest you get a semi-heavy kettlebell. 4 Strengthening Moves Every Runner Should Do | via @SparkPeople #fitness #exercise #workout #strong #run #crosstrain

CrossFit - Do You Pee During Workouts? -LOVE this -it's received mixed reviews, but this is a HUGE issue for runners and athletic women, especially those who have had kids, aged a bit or had urinary surgeries. It's embarrassing and a lot to deal with. Refreshing to see what is horribly embarrassing for many being so openly discussed!