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Frequently one of the only ways of exploring the Greek Islands is by donkey. Not always comfortable. An "out of this modern world" experience.

Santorini donkey ride down the mountain - definitely the strangest way I have traveled up stairs. I felt sorry for the pedestrians because the donkeys didn't care if you were in the way

Santorini :) My Favorite place in the entire world... well its the only place outside of the United States I have been but it is beautiful....

*** my absolute favorite place in the world that I've never been to! it's my dream vacation spot.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have heard of Santorini: its volcano, beaches, and famed sunsets, make it one of our students top destinations!

Santorini Island Great poets have sung its praises, a year old history. And the eternal rock continues to stand, strong and majestic, rising proudly from the sea and guarding well the secrets of Atlantis.