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Well, I don't straighten my hair, so my mom probably regrets it.


curly hair problem - it seems as though my hair looks the cutest when i am just about to straighten that top layer of hair.

Messy bun tutorial? HAHAHA!! Curly girls do it naturally and out of necessity. We are truly glamorous. ;)

Curly girls do it naturally and out of necessity. We are truly glamorous.

nothing is better than a pretty braid

Updo hairstyles with braids are 2012 spring&summer trends.Who loves braided hairstyles?Definitely you will like one of them.

Curly hair problems


Shower in the early evening, go to bed with wet hair, wake up with wet hair - story of my life!

This blog was a big confidence boost. Only curly haired people can truly understand.


Be grateful you have straight hair. Once hair is messed up, it is shower or pony tail.

oddly enough, ridiculously true


SO TRUE! I have to base my outfit on my hair. Kim I feel like you will appreciate the slew of curly hair problems I just pinned.

guilty. I'll try something and it won't work good


Omg so true! I sometimes try to finish them and then realize why I stopped use it in the first place.

Curly hair problems #765 - Seriously. My boyfriend tried to vacuum one time and sucked up so much hair it clogged the vacuum

How I Learned to Tame My Not-So-Perfect Curls

"Dude, I have straight hair and I've got this problem. Except its ten times worse than this." That made me laugh. It is SO much worse with curly hair.