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Ya Rabb, Let my last dying breath be 'La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah'

❀ Please forgive me Ya Allah for everything. Ameen.

Need to work on this..

Obama is attempting to alienate Israel from the rest of the world in the interest of creating a pro terrorist Palestinian state. ➡ISLAM teaches to hate America and JEWS! ➡BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA has been working his ENTIRE life to have ISLAM dominate the world.

Follow Islam and stay on your prayers and you'll have great success, insha'Allah!

Pray like you mean it! God wants to hear from you ❤️CODY❤️ #lds #sharegoodness #mormon

When the Prophet ﷺ says: "Be patient" remember this advice comes from the one who lost both parents & buried 6 children during his life.

اللهم أرني عجائب قدرتك في تحقيق ما أريد