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b-Calm Is an IEP approved MP3 type product thast helps children and adult with,Sensory Processing, Autism and ADHD. It is calming, and blocks outside noise while studying and or listening

7 Tips for Organizing Your Child’s Backpack

For some children, what they think they should take home doesn’t always match what the teacher needs them to take home. Here are some simple and effective strategies you can use to help your kids get the “right stuff” into their backpacks and home from school. #organization #parents

Coming into My Own as an ADHD Advocate

Coming into My Own as an ADHD Advocate. I've finally become a seasoned advocate for my ADHD son. It just took a dozen IEP meetings to get here. (Strategies for Implementing an IEP at School for the Child with ADHD)

Understanding Motor Skills in Children with Dyspraxia, ADHD, Autism, and Other Learning Disabilities. This book offers advice on how to recognize normal and abnormal motor development, when and how to seek help, and specific teaching strategies to help children with coordination difficulties succeed in the classroom, playground, and home. Located at Campbelltown campus library. #childstuddies #inclusiveeducation #learningdifficulties #motorskills

15 Affordable Sensory Gym Ideas- Most of these links are outdated, but if you search for the product you can find them on Amazon or Ebay.

Bright Kids Who Can't Keep Up: Help Your Child Overcome Slow Processing Speed and Succeed in a Fast-Paced World by Amazon,

How to Modify Chores for your Child with Autism

- How to Modify Chores for Children with | Easy ways to modify common chores using support.

There is no rule for exactly what to do in order to make your child more successful in school. But the ingredients in the recipe are pretty ... | K12 Blog thinktanK12