b-Calm Is an IEP approved MP3 type product thast helps children and adult with,Sensory Processing, Autism and ADHD. It is calming, and blocks outside noise while studying and or listening

Competition plays an important role in academic achievement because it often spurs students to pursue excellence. College acceptance is competitive, so students who have worked hard to be at the top .

Asperger’s and Girls has practical advice for parents, educators, girls & women with Asperger's given by experts on ASD and women diagnosed with Asperger's.

Watched this DVD very helpful for understanding a child w/ autism or sensory issues. I love Temple Grandin!

Work:  When I am older I want to be a special education teacher.  I enjoy working with kids and they always are able to put a smile on my face.

So here is a collection of some amazing resources that helps teachers in their process to teach special kids.

Parenting a child who jumps off the top of the jungle gym or flies into a fury can be tough and tiring. But if he just can't stop himself, he may have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or another condition. Learn more about what causes impulsive behavior and how you can help.

Understanding Your Child’s Trouble With Impulsivity

Understand and learn about impulsivity in children. Browse other articles about impulsive behavior which results in your child interrupting frequently.

An Open Letter From A Janitor

An Open Letter From A Janitor

Nor-Cal Janitorial Service LLC has been offering professional janitorial services in the Concord, CA region for over 28 years.

5 Sensory Activities that Help with Focus

5 Sensory Activities that Help with Focus

Whether its to do homework, read a book, or even participate in a family discussion, scheduling sensory play that focuses on "Heavy work" can increase your child's ability to focus on the activity you need them to complete.

Decoding Sensory Processing Disorder

Decoding Sensory Processing Disorder - People are always trying to find ways to explain Sensory Processing Disorder. This article may give you some ideas on how to explain it easily. - Pinned by – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins