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PHRA SARIRA TATH "KASYAPA BUDDHA" relics of third buddha

Great Buddha of Kamakura (鎌倉大仏)


Buddha 01 by gokakujyu, via Flickr

Head of a Buddha 4th cent., Gandhara Met Museum

The Buddha Shakyamuni as an ascetic Gilt bronze 1600 to 1700 CE Ming or Qing…

Buddha (Fragment of a Stele) Period: Eastern Wei dynasty (534–550) Date: mid-6th century Culture: China Medium: Limestone with traces of pigment

9 inch Japanese Sitting Zenjo-in Rust Patina Buddha Statue, Brown

Sitting Zenjo,Patina Buddha,Japanese Sitting,Statue Brown,Inch Japanese,Rust Patina,Buddha Statue,9 Inch

Buddha I need one for my garden

Bronze Head of Buddha -- this is beautiful!