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Stair/Stadium Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout

More Mental and Physical Benefits from Outdoor Exercise

Stair/Stadium Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout -- This looks way more reasonable than a lot of circuit workouts, and more adaptable to having stairs but not a field, and vice versa.

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Wake up your core and kick your abs into high gear with this 20 minute circuit workout.

Rock Your Core and Tone Your Abs With This Bodyweight Workout

Planks are one of the best moves to work your whole body, and twisting just adds an extra fire to the obliques, the abdominal muscles that crisscross your core and wrap up around your waist.

PhilosophyFit: The (Brutal) Warrior Dash Training Workout

This is perfect for doing pull-ups. Use the playground monkey bars to work your arm, back and chest muscles.

Why Cross-Training Is Great for Runners | Women's Health Magazine

Why Cross-Training Is Great for Runners

The Goddess Workout – ToneItUp.com

The Goddess Workout

Get ready to build your inner and outer strength as we show you our Goddess Routine. This is a perfect workout to do with a friend, so that you can be Goddesses together!