The Free-Child Project: This organization supports children and youth to create "world-changers". They provide training, materials, books, and consultants. This program addresses problems plaguing our world today- racism, environmental concerns, sexism, corruption of government, etc... and teaches children how to make a change through peaceful protests and educated reform. I would LOVE to learn more about this program and involve my students this year.

Towards a General Theory of Deep Downturns: Presidential Address from the 17th World Congress of the Internationa...

Books for Keeps is a local organization here in Athens. This program exhibits many characteristics of a service learning model and would be great for students of many ages to get involved with. Books for Keeps provides books for underprivileged students so that they may continue building important reading skills over the summer. Books for Keeps hopes to prevent summer slide.

"America’s Promise Alliance is devoted to helping to create the conditions for success for all young people, including the millions currently being left behind. Our work is powered by our belief that all children are capable of learning and thriving, and that every individual, institution and sector shares the responsibility to help young people succeed." (This is from the original pin.)

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