School LIbrary MEdia Kids - lots of books and games to develop interest, authors, book trailers & reviews, search engine,

Website with many links to spelling games, typing games, vocabulary games, and grammar games. Also has links to some author's websites.

Wonderful "show and tell" video of Kevin Henkes books! This 7 minutes booktalk covers all popular titles by Kevin Henkes. Great way kick off an author study unit!

Get kids excited about reading Kevin Henkes books! This wonderful video talk will leave kids drooling over his books! Maybe start booktalks with kids?

Book Review Bookmarks.  Love this idea.  Have kids write reviews of books to leave in and entice other kids to try the book.

Book Review Bookmarks

Something similar: bonus classwork marks if students create word cards for class word wall - word in French, maybe English with a pic.

Lots of Library Websites - book sites, Dewey games, Internet Safety games, and many more!

Lots of Library Websites - book sites, Dewey games, Internet Safety games, and many more! Can be used in library centers!

Librarianism Chronicles - this site has a wealth of wonderfully creative activities to go with books of all reading levels

Librarianism Chronicles - great program ideas for school aged kids from a school librarian

The Big Tease: Trailers are a terrific way to hook kids on books

Seven top trailers to hook kids on books - from the Digital Shift web magazine. See some of the top video trailers.

Top 20 Blog Posts from Raki's Rad Resources of 2014 including 10 authors that should be used in every elementary class!

Authors to Have in Your Classroom - 10 Authors to read aloud in you classroom, using a read aloud journal to help students compare and contrast different books while working on different reading comprehension strategies. Great for author studies.

I love this idea! It gets kids reading and helps them to be invested in helping their favorite book to win


Celebrate March Madness in the classroom by using the free web app Kahoot to host a book tournament. Set up book brackets and vote with Kahoot.