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The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs review – a flawed and bitter pill to swallow

An hour of shallow filmmaking, which will leave you with more questions than it answers

Part five: Politics and protest

Whether it's old classics passed down through generations or the scream of angry young voices, protest has always been at the centre of rock'n'roll

Understanding Extreme States: An Interview with Paris Williams - Mad In America

Psychiatryland: Dr. Phillip Sinaikin

But questions about the role of brain chemistry in depression may prevent the findings from spurring drug development.

An Interview With A Digital Drug Lord: The Silk Road's Dread Pirate Roberts (Q&A)

Petition · Johnson & Johnson: Help ban the use of Oxycontin in patients under 18 · Pinned by the You Are Linked to Resources for Families of People with Substance Use Disorder cell phone / tablet app August Android- iPhone -

Elderly patients diagnosed with 'acopia' - a disease that does not exist

Elderly patients often do not receive proper treatment because they are subconsciously 'written off' and diagnosed with 'acopia', a condition that does not exist, a former Government adviser on the elderly has said.

NEGLECT by a Bristol hospital contributed to the death of a 27-year-old woman, an inquest jury has found. Laura Scull died from a rare but deadly condition which was a known side-effect of...