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a strange piece of drift wood my kids found for me

7 Most Mysterious Places on Earth

Alien looking umbrella-shaped “blood trees” are found only in Socotra, a four island archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Post: 7 Most Mysterious Places on Earth. via Hub Pages (these trees would be so neat to see!!)

At night he take's his meal at the Great Barrier Rif. Protect the Great Barrier Rif, and protect his meal.

Stranger in a strange land News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip

This book is a great read. Robert Heinlein weaves stories together pretty well. He does an excellent job at portraying Valentine Michael Smith as someone you can identify with (humanness) and admire (martian way of thinking).

If a jellyfish is cut in two, the pieces of the jellyfish can regenerate and create two new organisms. Similarly, if a jellyfish is injured, it may clone itself and potentially produce hundreds of offspring. Photo by: Racho