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Esta chegando a páscoa, alegre um regueiro " Kinder rasta "

Everything you need to know about Kinder's Rasta Surprise Egg! The funny pack includes weed, matches, a filter, a long rolling paper and instructions.

Moebius Stripper

INTJ, math and economics student who likes to think she dabbles in computer science. Also bunnies and single malt.

I matched mine up with September and the 22nd and I was like Holy Crap No! Then I realized I matched it up with the wrong one and was like Thank God!

October 23rd Is The Worst Birthday

Mine is stuck in prison with Santa Claus. My dads is switch lives with Chuck Norris.My moms is switch lives with Nyan cat(OMG I would love my mom even more) my friends is mortal enemies with sponge bob. oh GAWD that sounds fun.


Cannabis for Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) Trials Have Started


гроубокс схема - Поиск в Google

гроубокс схема - Поиск в Google