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Resume Writing- What I wish my resume could say to employers

I could blame others as my father did and die a slow, miserable death being eaten away with the acid of bitterness. I could commit suicide, leaving my family with nothing. Or I could give it—my shame, my fear and my guilt—to the only one who can carry it.

Look me in the eyes before you tell me what you see

A Poem By H.C Porter- Look me in the eyes before you tell me what you see. We have no way of knowing what a person has experienced in life, perhaps knowing before assuming who they are is a benefit to us all?

A Poem- Can you show me what love looks like?

What are we teaching our children? Is it what we intend to, or are we in fact teaching them the worst parts of who we are? A Poem By H.C Porter

How to know that you truly love someone

How to Know if You Truly Love Someone, a great article from HP!

Social Media Marketing and How to Apply and Manage SMM to Benefit Your Brand

Why you need Social Media Marketing in SEO, SMM, SMO and all that applies is how Marketing is done, and what you need to do to stay ahead of competition. Social Media for business-if you do not have it-remember your competition does.

Protandim - The real anti aging solution

Protandim - The real anti aging solution! Call me to find out how to get it.I love this stuff - Erica

To My Beautiful Unborn Son

The love of a Mother is never altered!