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Looks comfortable and heavy

Green Ergonomic Office (Part Voodoo Ergonomics, Advice from Tony Biafore (a. The Ergoman) : TreeHugger

That's it guys - print your own house! Yeehaw!

3D Print your own house (video

Print Homes International Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Print Houses for the World’s Homeless

Capitulo 2; pagina 25 <<Antes de abrir sus ojos, trato de recordar la orientacion de su cama, la posicion de la ventana y la forma de la habitacion el la que dormia...>> Martin estuvo tan tranquilo mientras dormia que se le olvido endonde estaba.

Space saving furniture for teenage bedroom design. Modern teenage bedroom furniture, new design ideas for small rooms.

Cool Gizmos And Gadgets (ShaanHaider.com)  .... wow, I could use these....

Funny pictures about This USB Connector Is Very Practical. Oh, and cool pics about This USB Connector Is Very Practical. Also, This USB Connector Is Very Practical photos.

Компания Gravitonus, производящая Рабочая станция Gravitonus G1, Компания Гравитонус (торговая марка Гравитонус и Gravitonus) это семейный бизнес. Компания инкорпорирована в США, Фэирфакс, штат Вирджиния. История компании 2001. Началась разработка системы управления компьютером без помощи рук, которая теперь называется ACCS. 2002. Получен патент на способ уменьшения отрицательного воздействия гравитационного поля земли на тело человека. Началась работа по созданию эргономической рабочей…

Need a flight sim upgrade? CHECKOUT the best flight simulator cockpits to take your flight sim experience to the NEXT LEVEL.

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Ship seat / helm / with built-in pilot console - COMMANDER XXL - Cleemann Chair-Systems

Operator seat / for ships / with built-in pilot console / high-back - Commander XXL - Cleemann Chair-Systems

Designer Eric Brunt’s concept snowshoe automatically expands and contracts its surface, providing for a more natural walk than traditional flat snowshoes, and adapting to variable snow conditions and terrain.

What do origami and a snowshoe have in common? Nothing, unless it& the Flux Snowshoe. Designed by Eric Brunt, this snowshoe promises to be less cumbersome than a regular snowshoe via an origami-inspired kinematic construction.