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#SimpleStepsRealChangeMagazine-How to Break the Habit After a 22-year, almost two-pack a day habit, I quit smoking. So I am frequently asked how I managed to stop. My initial answer is, "I just did." #LeadWithyourHeart

How do I stick to the boundaries I set? I have faced a challenging relationship for three years now with my boyfriend who is the father of my two-year old little girl. I’ve gone from being a free and happy person to someone who fears the anger and misunderstandings of my partner. http;//

What I Wish People Knew About Autism

A mom with 15-year-old son with autism shares one thing she wishes people understood and one thing she wishes people would do. #asd #autism

#SimpleStepsRealChangeMagazine -Change Begins by Accepting What Is. After two months at a job selling advertising for a small family owned newspaper, I was fired. There was no warning. There was no indication my performance was less than acceptable. #RomancingYourSoul

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine-Staying Fluffy. You are part of a hurry-up, rush-around world where tpp often good manners and courteous behavior take a back seat to rudeness and instant. gratification.#RomancingYourSoul #LeadWithYourHeart

I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. I love the multicolored twinkling lights that adorn homes and offices. I adore the aroma of warm cookies and sweet treats baking. I get teary-eyed at the sounds of carolers as I am taken back to pleasant childhood memories of doing the same with my friends. I cherish the tinkling of the Salvation Army bell that reminds us of those less fortunate. #SimpleStepsRealChangeMagazine

Introducing Regina Cates. Her new column "Ask Regina" “I have the greatest job in the world, because each day I help people create lives of love and deep meaning.” The job Regina speaks of—helping people awaken to lives of limitless possibility—began in 2004 after a long, painful journey to unshackle her own life. The company she co-founded then, Romancing Your Soul, today is the source of inspiration for tens of thousands of people all over the globe who fill her events.

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Blessed are the Weird : Lead With Your Heart - Regina Cates : Join Jacob Nordby and Regina Cates to learn how you can tap into the rich resources of yourself and create a life of love, compassion and purpose. On-Demand & Podcast available on #EmpowerRadio #LeadWithYourHeart