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Ginger bread house

Photos of the National Gingerbread House Competition: Gingerbread - First Place Winning Entry - 2010 Teen Category

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Did these last yr in my classroom and the kids LOVED them! Doing it again this yr Waffle Cone Christmas Trees!

For this stone cottage, use gum to trim the windows, door frames, and rooftop. Pipe icing in a decorative fashion under the roof eaves. Use brown icing to mortar halved jelly bean "stones" onto the house, and to secure bran cereal pieces to the roof. Dust the roof with confectioners' sugar.

25 of the Cutest Country Gingerbread House Ideas

Castle made by gingerbread cookies by studio karin. Inspiration for cake making

Make your Christmas extra special with this magical gingerbread fairytale castle. This spellbinding gingerbread creation features tasty turrets, golden windows, and a sprinkling of snow. Impress your guests with this stunning edible treat!

Gingerbread Candy Factory by Lynne Schuyler

Gingerbread Candy Factory by Lynne Schuyler

Cookie Artist's Feature Lynne Schuyler of Idaho, U. Check out this amazing gingerbread cookie candy factory made by Lynne Schuyler. She is a wicked talented gingerbread house building hobbyist

Casa biscoito de natal

Peppermint Swirl Personalized Wired Wooden by cathypagedaniel. This is what I think of when I think of what a gingerbread house is suppose to look like.

You can build your Hogwarts and eat it, too.

13 Epic Gingerbread Houses Inspired By Your Favorite Movie And TV Shows

Gingerbread House Ideas (and giveaway!)

Gingerbread House Ideas (and giveaway!)