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FREE testing sign!

7 Steps to EQAO Test Success (and other standardized testing). Your students will take the EQAO test with more ease, confidence & capability.

cute sign for putting on the classroom door during testing or test prep

Testing season is upon us! This fun sign can be hung on your classroom door to let people know little minds are hard at work. It's a nice way to promote a quiet testing environment, while also reminding your students that they are smart cookies!

Free Printable Door Sign for Testing

Free Printable Door Signs for Testing Week

Testing Sign Freebie

The testing season is upon us (bleh). OK, we don't take high stakes testing in second grade, but our third grade neighbors do.

No homework tracking form! Easy peezy way to track, and it's completely digital.

#Fall into Great Resources

This classroom management tool helps monitor how often children are turning in their homework. Great documentation for teachers!

Parent involvement in the classroom directly impacts student achievement. Use these tips from a teacher mom to improve parent communication and maximize the positive impact it has on your students!

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for my sister ,daughter  and  former students who are now teacher's you are all inspiring  teachers

I facilitate thinking. I engage minds. I listen to questions. I encourage risk I support struggle. I cultivate dreams. I learn everyday. I teach. I'm so proud of you for getting accepted into the program, babe. You are a really great teacher!

10 ways to revitalize your classroom - January is the perfect time to freshen things up in your classroom!

10 Ways to Revitalize Your Classroom in the New Year

Get ready to take time off when you need it! Learn how to plan ahead and never stress on a sick or personal day again!

Substitutes will love you if you are organized and prepared when you take a sick day. Check out 5 steps that will get you ready for a worry-free time off!

Helping students get back into the school routine after a holiday break can be challenging. Check out these great ideas for goal setting and re-establishing your classroom routine from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

New Years Goal Setting and Re-establishing Classroom Routines