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The day I find someone who's decent, good with kids, and doesn't mind that I'm not a sexual person will be the day I win the damn lottery. (And it often feels like winning the lottery is more realistic.)

"We aren't in it for your body" Well personally, I will be attracted to someone physically before their personality but yeah. It not sexual it's just their hair, fashion sense, their smile, and other physical aspects that can reflect their personality (tidyness, shyness, the way they hold themselves, etc.)

If i'm reading this right, I might be a bit Abrosexual, or possibly Demisexual. honestly, idk, all i know is that I like boys, but I can appreciate the cuteness of a female.

Sexual attraction or the lack of it doesn't indicate whether or not a person's body can be sexually active. Some asexuals may enjoy the act of sex and the sensations or the particular sort of intimacy it initiates and not be sexually attracted to their partner(s).

Demi sexuality. A prefix to homo-, bi-, pan- etc. you are Demi-something-sexuality not just demisexual. That clears up a lot of confusion!

Hilarious Quotes For Sarcastic Women Who Honestly Don't Give A F*ck

I so would. Even though it would most likely murder me, if I loved them i would. In a heartbeat.