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Longsword - looks like an Oakeshott type XVa with a scent stopper pommel. 1 of 2

Ethnographic Arms & Armour - Flamberg Two-hand Swords, late Century Attached is a photo of a real knigtly two handed sword (length dating similar to one of the Castillon find.

Luci's Sword

Luci's Sword

Albion type XVIa longsword.              The Crecy Overall length: 44.75" (113.7 cm) Blade length: 35.625" (90 cm) Blade width: 2" (5 cm)

The Crecy Medieval War Sword My favorite longsword.

Damascus steel zatochi.

Nodachi Handmade Zatoichi Cane Sword - Damascus - Black Always wanted one of these.

Landsknecht Grosses Messer

A Großes Messer, an irritatingly underrepresented German peasant weapon. Its name literally means "big knife", and they were often crudely constructed from a length of steel, two bits of wood and a couple of nails.