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John Watson is one of the reasons behind Sherlock Holme's sucess as their relationship adds another dimension to the stories. It adds a comedic,touching,relatable side to the stories.

Sherlock Poster Art Modern Design Print

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Behind the scenes of "The Sign of Three" I *love* BTS stuff of the people. It shows what the actors are like, rather than the characters they play: Martin lounging, surrounded by pretty ladies, Ben being a goofball. It's brilliant.

@ Deadly Sweet Via flickr. This is sooooo cool. I would love one of these of each of the Doctors......(Sounds like a lot of work). Fabtastic quality stitching and design. Particularly love the geek glasses.

so at about two last night when i was in bed my sister was like, "Lainne i need to ask you something important" and i was like, "ok what is it" and she just whispered, "do you ship Johnlock" XD<-- well do you ship Johnlock or are you one of THOSE people?