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WASHINGTON (AP) — Conservatives should "stop the fight" over Common Core and instead consider the benefits that the academic standards offer students in struggling schools, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Friday. The position ...

Everything you need to know about Common Core — Ravitch

This is a lengthy article but it is worth the read. It tells of a common core history and how it should be use.

Arab paper: Obama only one not to understand Mideast. Says president misses threat that brings even Arabs and Israelis together,

Why Some Parents Are Sitting Kids Out Of Tests

Sixty percent of parents think there is too much emphasis on testing. Are they right?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: "If you don't like how I run things, don't get arrested in Maricopa County." He has two meals served a day, usually bologna sandwiches. Televisions are tuned to the weather channel. Prisoners wear pink underwear. Instead of having an expensive addition built he erected a tent city in a yard of the courthouse.

Hillary Clinton calls Benghazi her ‘biggest regret’ - Washington Times hillary "Leave 'em dead in Benghazi" clinton doesn't seem very remorseful in this video.