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Better than canned.

Thanksgiving Cranberry Pecan Conserve Here is a quick post for a new Cranberry Conserve with Pecans. I had the opportunity to make it today.

Easy Homemade Pickled Jalapenos 2  www.SimplyScratch.com

Easy Homemade Pickled Jalapenos (perfect for if you've got a very productive jalapeno plant in your garden).

www.SimplyCanning.com  Complete list of Home Canning Recipes   Homemade Soup   Vegetables   Tomatoes   Fruits   Canning Meat   Jam and Jelly   Pickled Foods  http://www.simplycanning.com

Pressure Canning

"Simply Canning" website- Everything you could possibly need to know about canning, dehydrating, freezing and other neat tricks.

Too many tomatoes? Freeze them whole. Their texture changes some, so use them in cooked tomato recipes. So much easier than canning.

~J Freezing Tomatoes . use in place of canned tomatoes in all your recipes ! Great & easy Idea for all those garden tomatoes when your in a hurry to get them stored up for winter !

Homemade Pepper and Onion Relish (ala Harry & David).  I love this.  I often buy the real stuff when it is on sale but 3 for $9 is still a bit steep.   Mix it with cream cheese and enjoy with tortilla chips. It is always a big hit at parties.

I love Harry & David’s Onion Pepper Relish mixed with cream cheese. It makes the most delicious and quick dip. I thought a little homemade jar of this would make a yummy gift that would be handy for friends to have on hand for holiday entertaining.

Homemade Thai Sweet Chili Sauce-    1 Tbsp minced fresh garlic      3 red chili peppers      1/2 cup sugar      3/4 cup water      1/4 cup white vinegar      1/2 Tbsp salt      1 Tbsp cornstarch      2 Tbsp water.

Homemade Thai Sweet Chili Sauce- 1 Tbsp minced fresh garlic 3 red chili peppers cup sugar cup water cup white vinegar Tbsp salt 1 Tbsp cornstarch 2 Tbsp water view more details

Crockpot Cranberry Butter

70 Cranberry Recipes

Minimal Monday: Crock Pot Cranberry Butter - this super tangy butter is going to blow you away --- use it on toast, meats, cheeses, sandwiches.the sky is the limit!

How To Make Dehydrated Broth. 1 tsp of dehydrated broth (give or take) makes 1 cup of re-hydrated broth! Stores for years and easy to make.

How To Make Dehydrated Broth

Learn how to make portable, dehydrated bone broth that you can take anywhere.

One Perfect Bite: Pickled Pepper Relish (canning recipe)

One Perfect Bite: Pickled Pepper Relish. A great way to use up sweet peppers from the garden. This features green, red, and yellow sweet peppers.

Canning Dried Beans  Pinto, Black Beans, Navy Beans or other

Canning Dried Beans, pinto, black, navy and more.

Canning Dried Beans Pinto, Black Beans, Navy Beans or other with pressure canner

Crockpot Spicy Apple Butter RecipeThe Frugal Girls in Breakfast Recipes, Crockpot Recipe, Fall, Gifts in a Jar, Recipes, Thrifty Gifts

Crockpot Spicy Apple Butter Recipe…The Frugal Girls in Chic and Crafty, Crockpot Recipe, Fall, Recipes

Super Easy Hot Pepper Jelly

Hot Pepper Jelly- so easy and it turned out so well. Paired with soft goat or cream cheese and crackers for an awesome appetizer . If you already know and love hot pepper jellies and [.

Recipe for 1950s Sweet Corn Relish - When you think about corn relish, you probably think “that’s so 1950's summertime picnic.” Well, at least that’s what I think. But retro food is making a big comeback. After all, canning and preserving is quite an old school trait in and of itself—

1950's Sweet Corn Relish

Sweet Corn tablespoon vegetable oil 3 cups diced red bell pepper or 4 peppers) 1 tablespoon kosher salt 3 cups fresh or thawed frozen corn kernels 1 cups diced red onion very large onion) 1 cups apple cider vinegar 1 Cup sugar teaspoon ground turmeric

Strawberry Pie Filling  7 quarts 6 quarts Strawberries 6 cups sugar  2 1/4 cup Clear Jel 7 cups water ½ cup Lemon Juice  Combine sugar and Clear Jel in a large kettle. Stir. Add water and, if desired, food coloring. Cook on medium high heat until mixture thickens and begins to bubble. Add lemon juice and boil 1 minute, stirring constantly. Fold in berries  and fill jars with mixture without delay, leaving 1 inch head-space. Process in water bath for 30 minutes.

Canning - Strawberry Pie Filling Makes: 7 quarts Ingredients 6 quarts Fresh or thawed Strawberries 6 cups Granulated sugar cup Clear Jel 7 cups Cold water ½ cup Bottled Lemon Juice

This festive jam is being posted for a request. I found it recently in a community type cookbook and I havent had a chance to try it yet.

Christmas Jam

Christmas Jam 3 c cranberries 1 orange, peeled and seeded 2 tsp orange zest 1 ounce) package frozen sliced strawberries, slightly thawed tsp ground cloves tsp ground cinnamon 4 cups sugar cup water 1 ounce) packet liquid fruit pectin