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Nicholas Meyer & Khaaaaaaan Takeover Mission New York Say it with us... Khaaaaaaan!! Everyone's favorite Trek villain made his presence felt at Star Trek: Mission New York on Friday. First professors and guest bloggers Maria Jose and John Tenuto hosted the panel Thriving on Limitations: Behind the Scenes of Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. As photos from the production flashed on the screen the Tenutos shared anecdotes about the Trek classic. Among the revelations: Khan's…

John Cho on

Anton Yelchin and Sofia Boutella on the set of Star Trek Beyond

Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) - Star Trek Into Darkness. I watched this and what they did to Khan made me so sad, I will probably never watch it again

this is truly interesting, when I was watching star wars I often thought about the utmost importance of the jedi, and star trek contrasts that

Star Trek: TNG Communicator Pin

- Textured Gold Finish - Sandblasted Silver Delta - All-metal Construction This pin is based on the design of the Star Trek: The Next Generation Combadge. It features a textured Gold finish with a dur

Captain Kirk: with Thor for a father and the bounty hunter daughter of Snow White & Prince Charming for a mother, he can't not be awesome.

Sofia Boutella (Jaylah) Chris Pine (Kirk) Zachary Quinto (Spock) Karl Urban (Bones) John Cho (Sulu). But where's Simon Pegg(Scotty) and Anton Yelchin(Chekov)?