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Ddyaedel dragons do not like the weird-headed Lostlings that fly about like some demented gargoyle.

Very nice art work. I'm working on a dragon trilogy right now, along with the Blood Curse Series. (Tessa Dawn) (Art by Jan Patrik Krasny).

Sleepy Hollow - Headless horseman

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by vlade

Beware Beware The Dragonborn Comes ♫

Spirit & Life :: Artist Tom Fleming -  inner fire and vision, desire and intentionally in alignment with what she values

Spirit & Life :: Artist Tom Fleming Artwork that will adorn my home in Arizona

"Skyrim Meme: Bron by *Isriana on deviantART" The because we can and avoiding main quests....yes.

"Skyrim Meme: Bron by *Isriana on deviantART" Stupid Frost trolls

Unbridled Growth MtG Art by Ryan Pancoast

Unbridled Growth MtG Art from Aether Revolt Set by Ryan Pancoast