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“I love the way you look at the world.”Joaquin Phoenix is Theodore in “Her”

Kristin McIver

Installation / exhibit

Opening Ceremony @ Printemps, Paris

Visitors can touch the images that flow down the length of the waterfall and transfer the digital pictures onto their smartphones. the photos are accompanied by detailed information about the origin and importance of the food, which they can then take home with them. | teamlab expo exhibitsjapan pavilion

Teamlab's immersive installations infill the japan pavilion for expo milan 2015 | DIVERSITY |

"This art installation tackles the challenge of making sure that people can share their emotions and experiences, while offering the convenience of providing large amounts of information. teamLab achieves this by creating a symbolic waterfall that allows many visitors to share the same experience within the same space, and by giving them the ability to link this experience with their own personal smartphones." - Team Lab

Audience members can touch the images and transfer the image to their smartphone | DIVERSITY | Teamlab expo exhibitsjapan pavilion

Volume by United Visual Artists | It consists of a field of 48 luminous, sound-emitting columns that respond to movement. Visitors weave a path through the sculpture, creating their own unique journey in light and music.

Universal Everything / Together | It's interesting to see in the video of this installation how people's behaviours work as they walk past. They often are intrigued by the technology, and slow down and head over to the iPads to see how it all works. Again, this idea that the audience can contribute to the outcome of the design/artwork is an incentive for them to interact with it.