My favourite character of all time, Thalia Fucking Grace! I just love this perfect baby Thalia Grace

"Thalia Grace- Het Medaillon" by ThaliaGrace30 - "Dit boek gaat over Thalia Grace, de dochter van de God Zeus. Ze werd door het Gouden Vlies weer een …"

Thalia Grace- Het Medaillon - Thalia Grace- Het Medaillon

Thalia Grace- one of the best tough-girl book characters of all time. I love her so much.

which do you think suits how you picture Thalia?

THALIA GRACE- Which one is your favorite? Shoot me but I like the movie's version of Thalia when she's older. This picture is of her when they do the flashback. I like the actress who plays the 16 year old Thalia.------- I like burdges the best