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(I've gotten the impression that some of the things you've said about yourself in the past that one of your grandfathers was a bomber pilot and the other one was a children's magician . . .)  . . . I make up. Absolutely. I'm an actor I'm not a politician. I always kick myself when I talk too much about family, or personal things. I'll enjoy chatting now, and then later I'll regret it. - CB

Right when I think, they can't top that batman movie. I ❤ batman movies! Especially the ones with Christian B ;

Christian Bale -  Love him as Batman. Brought so much depth to the character

Terminator : Salvation Damn i`m glad it`s over

Christian Bale - GQ UK by Vincent Peters, August 2008

Christian Bale- Best Batman ever. and pretty awesome in every other movie he's been in.

Christian Bale

Morning coffee (39 photos)

I'm usually not a fan of facial hair, but Christian Bale pulls it off!

I’m so excited to see the most anticipated movie of the year – The Dark Knight opening this weekend. By far, Christian Bale is the best & the hottest Batman ever.

this website is as hilarious as christian bale is hot.

BALE: I don't want people to know me. BALE: Because that buggers up my job. BALE: Because if you know something about somebody, it gets in the way of just watching the guy as the character.