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Details about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt vintage tmnt wht

1980 barbie dolls | Vintage 1980's Crystal Barbie and Ken Dolls with Clothes. I had these too!

Baby clothes quilt! Save the clothes and give them the quilt when they get older...maybe when they have their own kids?

DIY Memory Quilt Custom Made w/baby clothes ~~ awesome idea for all those memories you can't bear to part with.

Be the coolest kid in the Survey Corps by owning a pair of shoes that give off a vibrant glow of green. The Wings of Freedom will light up the streets at night while the Titans are inactive and allow for a swift getaway

Peaches and Cream. So, it's not for a party, but had to pin it because I loved mine back in the day!!!

Yup. I've jumped on the tidying up band wagon. Although to be honest I feel like I've been on it since September last year. I bought this book and to be honest I really don't know what to make of it. Good points include folding tips which make clothes much easier to store owning things that "spark joy" and she does have a knack of getting you in the mood to tackle the clutter in your house which I have to admit I really like. BUT. The ripping pages out of books just to keep some random bits…

Make Your Own Baby Clothes with These 50+ Baby Sewing Tutorials

50+ baby sewing tutorials -great list!! This will come in handy someday. Once we get into a house and I finally have the machine set up!

had these, when you walked sometimes they would somehow flip a certain way and smash your foot!