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This blog includes photography images that you can repost to your own blog. Please follow me to get tons of pictures you like! Recommend me please! If you submit me a picture I will most likely post it! I do promotes(: Ask me questions im always open

Is it I keep alone from the first day? The only person exists in a self-guided movie. I love you, that I can't even hate you to make me so regret, regret about this virtual memories.

Making Memory Books for People with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia.

Photo memory books are easy to make and bring back many memories for parents with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. They are a useful tool to bring children and their grandparents together to share cherished memories.

How wonderful is this? It keeps place for all your memory cards (up to 20), so they stay protected and together! Only $5.80 too.

12 Quotes Inspire Photography Journey

12 Quotes to Inspire your Photography Journey // A camera is the save button for the mind's eye. - Roger Kinston

photo-challenge-winter by Christina Greve, love these ideas and hope to take some photos inspired by them. Think that would be a great way to spend some of my free christmas days :)

Beginner Photography Tips: Your First Steps with a DSLR

Beginner Photography Tips - Learn the first steps in taking control of your DSLR in this photography tutorial for beginners! You can also get a free cheat sheet download on how to blur the background!

Ashcreek Poncho

I love pictures...because the best thing about them is that they never change, even when the people in them do.