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5 Secrets of an Organized Mom

Moms with little kids at home or who are busy parenting their older kids often want to know the secrets of being an organized mom. They may wonder if being organized as a mother with children at home is even possible. Rest assured, fellow busy moms – it is possible to have an… Read More »

Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life Challenge-Week 14-Papers

There is a sea of papers washing into our homes every day. How can we manage it all? Learn the KonMari way to banish paper clutter, once and for all!

How To Declutter A Flat Surface {And Keep It That Way}

List of some of the most common flat surface clutter problem areas, plus advice on how to conquer them {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

Ignore Everything Between the Clouds and Dirt

There are too many people who are average at what they do and are confused by their average results. This is because the vast majority of people tend to play the middle—they focus on the vague minutiae that doesn’t matter. They’re focusing on the wrong stuff.

15 Ridiculously Smart Organization Hacks

{[Best are: eyeshadow singles in an ice cube tray, hang open bags of frozen food (peas, etc) under the shelf, and keep sheet sets in matching pillowcase.]} 15 Ridiculously Smart Organization Hacks