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ACCOUNT PLANNING METHODS: 4 types of campaign integration: Which one's most effective for which goals?

4 types of campaign integration: Which one's most effective for which goals?

Nine awesome Pinterest infographics | Econsultancy

Pin It to Win It: A Marketer's Guide And of course, once we understand the social network, marketers need to know how to use it for marketing!

Affiliate marketing really does work check out this website - http://affiliatemarketing-3cx80wfb.reviewsatbest.com

Everything you wanted to know about hottest startup [Infographic]

ACCOUNT PLANNING METHODS: Sources of Revitalisation for a Company's Strategy

For strategists interested in planning tools used in the field of brand and communication strategy. It's about practical planning techniques and the concepts that guide a brand strategist's thinking.

Strategy is not the only way

Love Rory Sutherland's anti-strategic notion of big change through tiny things.


Designing the Machines That Will Design Strategy

cyberlabe: The Integrated Strategy Machine

User Experience Maturity Pyramid

UX Maturity Model: From Usable to Delightful. Evaluation techniques shown as a pyramid


Communications strategies for good-doing organizations


You're Shameless: Creative Examples of Agencies and Their Self-Promotion Campaigns

Customer Journey Map - the Top 10 Requirements - Heart of the Customer

Selecting a Health Insurance Journey Map

organizational structure 2 - APPLE

Organizational structure of apple

I pinned this because this shows how my own husband's mind is always, always going. The 10 Commandments of Steve: More than anything else, Jobs's genius is in managing the creative process. Here's his playbook. By Leander Kahney.

Culture · The Lab

We create powerful brand strategies by putting consumers and the world they live in at the heart of everything we do.

Jim Stengel's 5 Ideals Fields of Human Values

Jim Stengel's 5 Ideals Fields of Human Values

Most consumers these days are armed with smartphones, which brings the web to the store and many retailers are still trying to figure out how to embrace this technology and use is to their advantage. Check out this article with good tips about how "Mobile sets the stage to integrate and create synergy among experiences on- and offline."

4 paths to minimise showrooming, maximise sales

The sneaky psychology of advertising

The Sneaky Psychology Of Advertising -- This infographic runs through a list of psychological tricks that advertisers use to get the consumers attention. It illustrates how brands tap your subconscious and the words they use to target a specific audience.


When I run training sessions and ask planners what they want to improve, “writing propositions” is the most common answer. Propositions are the middle bit of planning — in a phrase, they focus all…