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Image from http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-0HMPKiqwyXI/UecfpzoPMEI/AAAAAAAADlU/NIXVHxz_i7Q/s1600/TomFordEyeShadowBlendComparisons.png.

Image from http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-0HMPKiqwyXI/UecfpzoPMEI/AAAAAAAADlU/NIXVHxz_i7Q/s1600/TomFordEyeShadowBlendComparisons.png.

One of the more inventive composites I've seen - perfect!

This interest me because it looks as if three picture have been combined into one overlapping each other. Tough this painting is black and white you see the dark areas and then the lighter areas. Travel and Photography from around the world.

How very true.  You expect family to be there for you when you need them, and in their absence you see who truly matters.

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Sturdy rope supports weight and makes a decorative seat replacement option.  You can create a simple but decorative seat from woven rope to breathe new life into the furniture. Heavy twine, hemp, nylon rope and cotton rope are all viable options for weaving a new chair seat. You can even use plastic craft cord for a more playful chair seat option. The style of weaving depends on the shape of the chair seat, but both round and square chairs can get a facelift with woven rope.

Weaving a Chair Rope Seat

A broken or drab chair seat doesn't have to mean the end for a favorite wooden chair. You can create a simple but decorative seat from woven rope to breathe new life into the furniture.

Mimicry by GiesenLeenders in THISISPAPER MAGAZINE

Dutch photographer duo Maurits Giesen & Ilse Leenders (GiesenLeenders) created a colorful series entitled Mimicry to explore the concept of human uniformity and their adaptability to different conditions and surroundings.

W. Eugene Smith, Train station. Japan, 1961 [::SemAp FB || SemAp::]

Eugene Smith, Train station, Japan, 1961 (via theredlist) After taking his first photographs as a teenager, William Eugene Smith worked as a war correspondant for Flying and Life.