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"Empty Skyline" 9/11 May We Never Forget (TV Version

"Empty Skyline" May We Never Forget vocals Perry Danos

His son was killed in the attack of 9/11 during an interview, this caused him to go crazy and learn about hacking to get payback.

Rest In Peace to the victims of such a fatal incident, my condolences got to the families who have lost loved ones because of what happens on this day. And to the survivors who are still traumatized by this I am deeply sorry you had to witness this.

11 years since the Twin Towers were taken down by terrorist attacks. What a horrific day and what a horrific 11 years it has been since that day. R.I.P to all the workers, firefighters, police officers, or innocent people that went in to save lives, and even the dogs that helped search. A day in history I remember, and a day in history everyone will remember. Never forgotten. 9/11/2001

World Trade Center Twin Towers on September 2001 before being hit. Tomorrow is September 11 the day we remember those lost . God Bless America and please take the time to have a moment of silence over those lost and their family and friends.

No remembrance could be complete without the horrific images of the planes and towers

killlers: perf photo tho - gemlaboratories

In this Sept. 2001 file photo, United Airlines Flight 175 approaches the south tower of the World Trade Center in New York shortly before collision as smoke billows from the north tower.

9/11 My stomach dropped as the buildings collapsed. I was sick and could not believe that they fell.

My stomach dropped as the buildings collapsed. I was sick & couldn't believe that they fell. That day my faith in mankind collapsed.

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aunt called and said we were under attack. I turned on the TV and gasped, "oh no way.And a few beats later I realized this was appallingly true.

Pinner wrote, "The worst sound ever... I can never forget it..."  Indeed. I can only imagine.

Remembering September 11th

The south tower of New York's World Trade Center collapses Tuesday, Sept. (AP Photo/Richard Drew) # I still remember what I was doing this is a powerful picture

World Trade Center Jumpers-Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Islam I Learned On 9/11/2001.

Images rarely, if ever, seen in the mainstream press - September 2001 - World Trade Center Attack - Twin Towers Collapse - WTC Jumpers - WTC 911 Video - Attack on the Pentagon - The beheading of Eugene Armstrong - The beheading of Nicholas Berg - The b

Never Forget

World Trade Center - North Tower Hit Yet no fighter jets even were launched WHY? Criminal anarchy + the degenerate oil tycoons of the confederacy that's why!