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I Iove you more than words can say. I tried so hard but you pushed me away. You took my heart, split it in two. All I wanted was to be with you.

Keep going. Everything you need will come...

Keep going. Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time! The perfect time we need, will come and everything will keep your life going!

Love yourself truly.

thats what the buddha said, but its true. If you love yourself and someone insults your looks or personalities why wld u get hurt if you loved urself? and u wldnt hurt the other pple for insulting u.

High standards

never apologize for having high standards people who really want to be in you life will rise up to meet them

i believe

Listen carefully to how a person speak about other people to you. This is how they will speak about you to other people. this is true


In this day & age, blood does not make you family! The people that share your blood, are usually the ones to hurt you the most! I have my family that are full with the people that I became friends first!

Certain people's opinions about me doesn't matter.

Rebel Circus: Your opinion is not my reality - Steve Maraboli

When people walk out of your life

It isn't the end of our story to continue our novel. The one who walks away just not the main character.

The Past | The Future

14 Smart Apps To Improve Your Work/Life Balance

Standard for others

the way you treat your wife, husband, sister, brother. in front of your friends gives them permission to treat her or him the same way. So treat yourself AND your loved ones with the utmost love and respect in front of others

MS remember that when your life changes to be more difficult, you must change to be even stronger!

Whenever one person stands up and says, "Wait a minute, this is wrong," it helps other people to do the same. ~Gloria Steinem

"Whenever one person stands up and says, 'Wait a minute, this is wrong,' it helps other people to do the same." -- Gloria Steinem Anti-bullying songs at WWW.