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Fido (2006) - Andrew Currie

A horror-comedy starring Billy Connolly as a zombie and Carrie-Anne Moss as a mom.

Fido, starring Billy Connolly as the bestest pet zombie ever!

Timmy Robinson's best friend in the whole wide world is a six-foot tall rotting zombie named Fido. But when FIDO eats the next-door neighbor.

Day 13 - A Zombie Movie: FIDO, 2006. It's the colorful, glorious 1950s following the Great Zombie War, and zombies are now the controlled housepets and status-symbol servants of happy suburbanites. A funny and somewhat heartwarming dark comedy.

A Boy and His Zombie: ‘Fido’

Fido Total farce movie about Zombies, put to use in an all-American little town.

I would burn all my clothes if I could have every dress Carrie Anne Moss wore in Fido.

You crazy, wonderful zombie! "Fido" with the equally wonderful Carrie-Ann Moss & Billy Connolly

Zombie Honeymoon

Directed by David Gebroe. Zombie Honeymoon is a gore-soaked exploration of how far the boundaries of true love can be pushed without reaching a breaking point.

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Top two thing that will get you killed in a Zombie Apocalypse: Hysterical Woman Stupid Kid

Lambs, Horror

Zombie: An abandoned yacht sails into New York harbor…with a zombie on board! Police officers manage to take out the reanimated corpse, but idiotically bring a bitten officer to the city morgue. Most of the movie takes place on a tropical island as the daughter of the yacht owner goes to track down her father, but the bookends of the movie are set in Manhattan.

Zombie makes me squirm.and that's a good thing. This film hosts one of the most iconic kills in horror movie history *shudder*