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Expenses rebels? The Romans would have strangled them and useless speakers were pelted with stones. ROBERT HARRIS, says the democrats of Ancient Rome put our modern pygmy MPs to shame

3/19/15- Fashions due to social classes. the women with more money tend the wear more colorful beaded clothes. The poor wear plain clothing with few colors.

William Wyler's 'Ben Hur', 1959 - Charlton Heston stars as Judah Ben Hur, a wealthy Jewish prince in Jersalem. Early on, he welcomes back Messala (Stephen Boyd) an old friend who's the new commander of the Roman Legion. They find they have divergent political views. When the governor is accidentally injured by a loose tile in front of Judah's home; Messala sends Ben Hur to the galley's. Judah's saga begins. . .