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NEW HOME BUILDING FAQ // What happens after the contract is signed? (i.e. when does building start ) #gradyhomes

When building a house a common question is "when does construction start" Typically after signing your build contract, construction starts within 60 days

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Home Care Tips: Replacing Silicone Seals in Bathrooms

Home Care Tips: Replacing Silicone Seals in Bathrooms

House Buying for Noobs - by the time we buy a new house, we'll need to revisit these tips!

House Buying for Noobs

Once our contract was finalized we just had to wait on the loan company to get all its ducks in a row (appraisal, writing the HUD, etc) and . buy a home buying your first home

HOME BUILDING FAQ // Can I customise a floor plan to suit my needs and does it cost to customise a floorplan?  #gradyhomes

Townsville Home Builder FAQ - Can I Customise A Floor Plan To Suit My Needs? How much does it cost to customise a floor plan?

NEW HOME BUILDING FAQ // How long does it take to build a house? #gradyhomes

Townsville Builder FAQ - How long does it take to build a house? What are the 7 stages to build a house?

How to consult with an architect or building designer | BUILD

Most architects and building designers will do a great job of explaining and guiding you through the process - but having a clear understanding of how to engage them from the outset can make things much easier.