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Remember that airlines do not guarantee their schedules and are prone to delays and cancellations. Ensure that you allow yourself enough time to make your connecting flight in the event of a delay. Working with a good travel advisor will help alleviate the stress of delays and cancellations when traveling! #LuxuryTravel #Getaways #BeRelaxedDestinations

Want to truly get away? Cruising is not only relaxing, it is also one of the most cost-effective ways to travel! These 25 insider secrets can help you find the best deals, discover little-known tips & tricks, and help you make the most of your next cruise vacation.

You’ve decided you want to take a cruise, but you’re not sure what the next steps should be. We’ve put together a cruise-planning timeline so you know exactly what you should be doing and when, making your cruise as carefree and relaxed as possible.

Grand Cayman’s Best Kept Secrets | Famous for stunning beaches and breathtaking sunsets, the Cayman Islands are also noted as one of the World’s Friendliest Countries | Travel Dudes Social Travel Community::

Grand Turk is one of the best ports in the Caribbean for some rest and relaxation. Chances are you won't even leave the pier.

Cruise lines do everything in their power to make sure the cruise goes on. Only in rare cases will the cruise actually be canceled by the cruise line.

Though I used to be all about the party hostels, today I’m all about the cool hostels — ones that aren’t about partying but relaxing, socializing, and having a great time. In this week’s question, I show a reader how to find those hostels.

Before you travel, make copies of your travel itinerary, IDs and passport. Be sure to leave a copy with someone you trust, preferably your Travel Advisor. Also, place a copy in your carry-on and another in your checked luggage. Should you lose your passport, this will aid in you obtaining a new one from your embassy. #TravelTipTuesday #LuxuryTravel #Getaways #BeRelaxedDestination

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