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Jenna Marbles. My girl. She knows how to... well... not cook... We have so much in common! ._.

Jenna is doing it right.


Not sure if crazy drunk while doing stuff on the moshpit or straight high. But these dudes are funny as hell. Whatever happened to metalheads of today?

someone needs to invent carfax for vaginas. example: "I have only been with one guy." yeah sure sHOw me the WHOREFAX!

Facebook jokes biggest facepalm ever

Funny pictures about The inventor of the computer. Oh, and cool pics about The inventor of the computer. Also, The inventor of the computer.

18 Best Moments from Teen Mom -- Jenelle Goes to a Kesha Concert. This shit is so funny.

Best and worst Teen Mom moments, memorable scenes and fights from the MTV reality show with Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, Farrah Abraham.

This movie is awesome! I hope Karen and I are like these parents!

I love this movie. Its my fav. Best Scene from Easy A - I love Stanley Tucci!

No it's a cardigan

The Drunk Baby Meme is a photo of a cute little boy next to a very large beer and making, what seems like, a drunk gesture.

Barbershop Meme  I feel as though this is David Wright in a nutshell.

Pretty much spot on. This is how I felt in math class in high school. So glad I went to college and found teachers who could teach math.

You Lint Licker!

you son of a biscuit eating bull dog! what the french toast! you thought i wouldn't find out about your little doo doo head cootie queen! haha loved that commercial!