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It's talent, really.

girls :an

This is me on Sunday mornings.maybe not at in the morning but the 15 minutes is about right.

Yuppppp... "I think I'll clean my gun the night he comes over.." haha

True Story

Difference between boys and girls funny boys girls boyfriend girlfriend meme lol dad funny quote funny quotes comedy humor humor quotes funny pictures lmao funny stuff. That's soooo true for us girls

Superwoman is funny but also can be serious and I think that this is great

Superwoman: Unless you phyisically see me opening a pad don't just assume that just because I'm angry I'm on my period, because that is annoying. and tonight when you're sleeping I will "just assume" you are dead and bury you in the backyard.

British Gingers vs. American Gingers… I think we're doing something wrong

British Gingers vs. American Gingers…

Funny pictures about British Gingers vs. Oh, and cool pics about British Gingers vs. Also, British Gingers vs.

This is just so wonderful. I just started laughing like a maniac. I can't handle this.

The new covers for Taylor Swift albums…This little girl's face will never fail to make me laugh. I'll always hate Taylor Swift forever

I cannot even tell you how many times I feel like this with my friends.

Girls and their hair

My friends with smooth thick hair be like the girl in the first pics. I'm coloured and when my hair's not blown straight, I be like the girl in the last pic


A guy had a crush on me once and he started singing this and I finished it off doing the whole version and then I hit his butt with a branched. He was very, shocked.


Owl Turd Comix by college senior Shenanigansen are funny and absurd.


My school has some good humor

This is hilarious and all, but that person misspelled "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and that bothers me.<<I would write I am Groot.