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World Record For Constipation Is 102 Days, Why Bubble Gum Is Pink, 10 Weird Things In All [VIDEO]

Did you know the world record for constipation is 102 days, and would you like to know why bubble gum is pink? Here are 10 weird things that will have you in

Top Cancer Centers Excluded Under Obamacare

The Susan G. Kolman campgain, Day 60 Mile walk" travels and hosts this campagin in many different locations to help raise money towards breast cancer awareness to help fight for a cure.

10 Pink Products That Can Actually Help Fight Breast Cancer

Pro Style Elite Training Gloves in Pink by Everlast will donate proceeds to support Breast Cancer Research

10 Things You Don’t Know About Debbie Ray

We sometimes tease Debbie for being a Goody Two Shoes while growing up. There's an inside joke that she was the little girl who rode a pink bicycle with streamers, a bell, & a basket mounted on the handlebars.

Crossy Road' Developer To Work On 'Pac-Man 256' For Bandai Namco ...

Pac-Man joins the fight in the new Super Smash Bros! What other video game characters do you want to see in Super Smash Bros?

Cuteness = a little girl singing a song with her dad. Want to add extra cuteness? Have her dad play a small, pink ukulele while singing a cover of tonight's Tonight You Belong To Me by Patience & Prudence.

Father Daughter sing most adorable duet EVER. This is what I want, a husband who would spend this quality time with his daughter!