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Think I'm gonna go to Toys R Us and buy me a Spirograph!  It was my most favorite Christmas gift ever as a child.  Spent hours and hours with my Spiry!

Spirograph--an example of what we could draw if we kept the little pins that held the paper from slipping out so the paper moved! - I still have one that I bought for our kids!

my best buddies Pokey the pony and Gumby

Gumby and Pokey - loved the tv show! I still have my Gumby and Pokey toys. Have Gumby The Movie and the Gumby Collection. A Baby Boomer Remembers.

sCHOOLHOUSE ROCK!, the beloved hip yet educational series that was originally produced for ABC from 1973 to 1985, is a favorite

, the beloved hip yet educational series that was originally produced for ABC from 1973 to was a favorite! You KNOW you grew up in the if you remember this!

Marbles #1990s

In the fifties and clear back to the Roman Empire kids played with marbles. The originals were made out of. If you knocked the other kid's marble out of the ring you got to keep it. Hence "playing for keeps". I loved my "Peerys.

Does anyone remember doing the bump? It's quite the technical dance move! ANSWER oh yes I do... loved doing this in the 70's - trying to work some of it into Salsa sometimes lol

Do the Bump :) dance craze. I still like to do the bump!

Spirograph kept us occupied for hours. It felt like you turned into a human computer when you put that pen tip in the plastic and pushed it around to create amazing geometric designs. Most of the time, I’d fall into a Spirograph trance until my pen would work right through the paper. British engineer Denys Fisher designed Spirograph, which first came out in 1965.

First released in Spirograph is a drawing toy (invented by Denys Fisher) that produces mathematical curves using a set of plastic gears/cogs that you would move around the inside of a larger.

I could do this for hours when I was little.

Fashion Plates -Loved this thing. Wanted to be a fashion designer for a while because of this.


Spirograph art--could be cool feature with Spirograph on front with info and photos inside.

Vintage Fischer Price Music Teaching Clock Toy by EdSmithDesigns

paper board and plastic Music Box Teaching Clock, United States, by Fisher-Price.