"Strolling around campus on a snow day (25 February 2011), I was struck by the beauty of this scene outside the building where my office is located. It reminds me how grateful I am to live in an area that has four seasons (plus, teachers sometimes like snow days, too)." Karen from Pennsylvania submitted on 26 June, 2012

"I am grateful for my kids...even though there is a huge age gap, they are still so loving to one another...as my daughter tries to munch on my son's birthday cake!" Michelle from Maine submitted 26 june, 2012

"Today I'm grateful to have a home to live in. A lot of people don't, and I am grateful that I don't have to worry about where to live." Dawn from CT 23 June, 2012

"Today I am grateful for jello. Jello day is a reminder that I have survived another year with a chronic illness (and am still in remission) and that I am fortunate in that I have health insurance to cover the cost of the annual procedure." submitted by Karen from Pennsylvania 24 June, 2012

"I am grateful for the time i got to spend with my mom..This is one of several final shots before she passed away..This was taken on her 64th birthday in Warrensburg NY May 2001.. ......Love and miss you.......Natalie from Az submitted on 26 June, 2012

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