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Psalm 139:13-14 ❤️

Psalm 139:13-14 ❤️

Psalm 139:16 "You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

"Your struggle is just a part of your story that God planned for you long before you were born. Thank you God for my struggles I have had in my lifetime.

God made you in beauty

In Gods eyes you are perfect! Don't ever doubt yourself or think your less than you are! You are wonderful!

It’s NOT a matter of us conjuring the presence of God, calling it forth, drumming it up, singing it in; being perfect enough, having enough, the right stuff, the good stuff… whatever: None of that makes any difference at all in finding the presence of God... <<CLICK THE IMAGE TO KEEP READING THE DEVOTION>>

God enters our darkness and brings light. He enlightens our minds with truth. He fights for justice for the wounded. He loves the unloved. God IS good.

His thoughts about us OUTNUMBER THE GRAINS OF SAND! Astounding

spiritualinspiration: How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them!

Yes I am!

J House Tawk: DIY sign with leftover trim - You are Fearfully & wonderfully made.

Outside appearance is THE LAST thing that matters. You are beautiful, whether you choose to believe it or not. :)

God made you just the way you are on purpose. You are beautiful to him and that is all that matters. You are Beautiful.